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Zico gives warm greeting to his fans after finishing the military service

After almost 2 years the rapper Zico took social media to greet his fans. He just finished his military service and he shared some sweet words for those who waited for him.

The former members of the group Block B, Zico is one of the most famous rappers from Korea. He has given us awesome hits like "Okay Dokey" or the global success "Any song".

His latest album "RANDOM BOX" was released in 2020 with the single title "Summer Hate". In the same month of its release the rapper was enlisted in the Korean mandatory service.

Finally he is coming back to his citizen status and he is again in touch with the fans. This is what he said.

Rapper Zico / By @HYBELabelsMX

Zico is active again on social media

On April 29 the rapper and producer Zico took social media to greet his fans. He posted his first Instagram story in two year. We can see a picture of himself with the message "LTNS" (Long Time No See).

Zico on Instagram / Instagram @woozico0914

In the next hours the rapper shared another photo. This time he is sitting in his studio and using the hashtags #StatusOlyp-pic, #studiover3 and #Goodtoseeyoufriends.

Zico's post / Instagram @woozico0914

The fanatics are getting crazy with his posts. We are all excited to see him again, apparently he is already working on something new. Maybe we will hear some news about his music pretty soon. Recently it was revealed he worked in the production for PSY's latest song "Celeb".

Do you want to see Zico again in the scenarios?

Did you know that Zico is the fastest rapper in the Korean industry? The second one is Suga from BTS. Read here more about it.

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