Z-Stars: The world's first Indian K-Pop idols

Z-Stars: The world's first Indian K-Pop idols

K-pop is gaining more and more popularity in India, depending on where you live. Sid and Priyanka, two Z-Pop idols from India will take you on a tour to introduce you to what is likely one of the most unique and diverse Z-Pop groups in the world! Scroll down to watch their revealing interview.

  • Z-Stars is a 13 member Z-Pop group divided into two sub-groups: Z-Girls and Z-Boys
  • The members hail from seven different countries: Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam
  • They debuted on February 23rd, 2019 at Z-Pop Dream Live
  • Z-Pop describes a genre inspired by K-Pop with members from several Asian countries
Z-Boys (Source: kprofiles.com)

Priyanka, a 21-year-old idol from India and Sid, a 19-year-old idol also from India tell us about Z-Pop and what it means to them to debut in Korea.

Upon being asked how they feel about being Indian Z-Pop idols, Sid replied

For sure, it's not easy being called, "K-Pop idols" because it needs a lot of grind and a lot of hard work. It's painstaking. So you have to be really focused and dedicated to your  craft.

What's even more interesting is that Priyanka learned Korean just by listening to K-Pop songs. After contemplating whether she should apply for an addition and almost giving up in the process, she went to the K-Pop World Festival in Changwon and won the "Excellent Vocal Award".

 Both of them mention how important BTS was for them to get into K-Pop and that their songs helped them overcome depression. While in Northeast India, the hype surrounding K-Pop groups is much bigger than in New Delhi, where Sid is from, it's still very popular. 

I never thought I'd be called the "first Indian K-Pop idol" but it happened because I kept dreaming. 

Amongst all the positivity and support that came from the Korean audience after their "Z-Pop Dream Life" debut concert in Seoul, there were also some comments that weren't as well- meaning to Priyanka.

The first negative comment was, obviously, that I'm brown, and I'm not fair-complexioned. There are a lot of people who say, "She doesn't deserve to be an idol because she's brown, and she doesn't look Korean."

Let's wish these groups the absolute best! People like Sid and Priyanka have proven that sometimes dreams do come true.

Watch their interview here!

Priyanka and Sid at the interview
Z-Girls (Source: kprofiles.com)

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