Winter smiling.

You won't believe the funny habit of Winter from Aespa

Lee Soo Man's new company group is in the middle of promoting their debut single “Black Mamba.” Aespa is here to stay and fans are attentive to every movement of the four SM girls. Keep reading and find out the secret that Karina, Ning Ning, and Giselle revealed about Winter from Aespa.

  • In the first days of December 2020, the Aespa girls gave an interview for the Power Fm radio program. 
  • Her participation was hilarious and indeed very interesting. We had the opportunity to get to know Karina, Winter, Ning Ning and Giselle a little more thoroughly. 
  • Aespa is a K-pop group that has attracted a lot of attention from fans of the genre for its innovative concept of combining virtual reality and tangible. 
Aespa's virtual members.

We are still waiting for the premiere of the avatars of the girls who will be in charge of interacting with the fans on social media.

Therefore, the name of the band: avatar experience + aspect= Aespa.

Winter in context


 Kim Min Jeong is a 21-year-old Korean singer.

She was the first official Aespa member revealed by SM Entertainment.

Winter from Aespa.

Since the band's debut on November 17, Winter has captured the attention of fans for her dancing skills and charisma.

We are also talking about an exceptional singer.

Winter posing with her avatar.

Winter's strange habit

Winter looking at herself in the mirror.

In fact, she loves singing so much that her peers revealed during the Power Fm interview that Winter has developed the strange habit of singing all the time and alone.


According to her bandmates, the idol sings K-Pop melodies, Pop, and all kinds of genres.

According to the artist herself, she does it without realizing it.

This usually happens when you are in love with your job.

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