You won't believe how amazing is the house of Kai from Exo

On November 20, the 26-year-old singer, actor, and model known as Kai attended the Korean show "The Rainbow Club" as a guest. The segment of the Exo member was especially entertaining and interesting as it allowed us to get to know the interior of his home which gives more details about his real personality. Keep reading to know more.

  • These last few weeks Kim Jong-in, also known as Kai, has been promoting his new solo work. November 30 is the release-day of his first mini-album. 
  • Six tracks will constitute the long-awaited debut and the aesthetics of the album cover has left fans stunned. 
  • It is a different concept from K-pop band Exo and the album will be simply titled, Kai.
Kai and the cover of his upcoming mini album.

In addition to promoting his new music, Kai gave us the opportunity to get to know him a little more through a tour around his home in South Korea.

Apparently, the singer is very fond of minimalism.

That's the house rest area with a huge couch.

The predominant colors in his beautiful home are gray, white, and black. A curious fact is that the doors of the different rooms of the house are camouflaged in the walls and cannot be seen.

Wow! They are like secret passageways.

In addition to an impeccable design, the property has several rooms.

Surprisingly some of them dedicated to the idol's clothes.

Dinning room and kitchen area.

Yes, some, not just one. Kai has a room dedicated exclusively to his top and bottom pieces.

A separate place in his bedroom for pajamas and another dressing room where he keeps jackets and shoes.

By the way he has a huge collection of clothes.

The “Monster” singer himself revealed that one of his passions is to collect clothes and that he never gets rid of them.

I can think of several things the artist could do with the clothes that he no longer wears. As if that weren't enough, he showed us his bedroom.

Kai's bedroom

A spacious and once again minimalist environment like the rest of the house.

His bed is very big and it looks super comfortable.

I think I could spend a night or two on that mattress. LOL


What do you think of Kai's humble little house?

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