TXT and Pitbull TXT and Pitbull

Would TXT release a song with Pitbull? MOA is asking for a collaboration

The famous singer Pitbull has re-posted a TXT video. Social media is going crazy with the interaction. The fans want a collab.

In just a few years TXT has become a very popular K-Pop group. In 2019, these talented Idols debuted with the song "CROWN". The music, style, and charisma of the members have become even better and they are conquered tons of hearts all over the world.

Their newest music is more intense compared to their debut days. Just a few weeks ago, Tomorrow x Together made a viral trend with their single "Good Boy Gone Bad". No matter what your favorite group is, for sure you watched this meme on social media.

TXT members / Twitter @tyunchin

There is no doubt that the members have a powerful influence on the Internet. It is a great place to keep in touch with the fans. On the other hand, is the perfect way to make new friends with other global celebrities. This is the case with Pitbull's latest post.

Pitbull's interaction with TXT drives the Internet crazy.

On June 15th the popular rapper Pitbull dropped a TikTok video on his Instagram account. His story is a viral video of TXT's Yeonjun dancing to Pitbull's song "Go Girl". Even though the dance is quite simple the charisma of the Idol is amazing.

Pitbull's Instagram story / Twitter @yeon_jjuniee_

Pitbull didn't forget to tag TXT, it seems like he really likes Yeonjun's talent as much as we do. Immediately, MOA took social media to talk about the interaction. The fans think this is a great indicator for future collaboration.

It's obvious that the American rapper already knows who TXT is. Yeonjun dancing to his track shows that the Idols enjoy his music. Mutual admiration is the first thing artists need to work together.

The viral TikTok has conquered Pitbull's heart. The world is really excited with just the idea of these artists working together. Would you like to listen to their collab? MOA is waiting for it!

Recently, TXT broke a new record on Billboard. We have all the information for you.

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