BTS for Permission To Dance On Stage BTS for Permission To Dance On Stage

Would BTS get an exemption for the Military Service?

BTS attending the military service is a big concern for ARMY and the agency. Korean laws could change in the benefit of the group.

The obligatory Korean Military Service is an important aspect of daily life in the country. The older K-Pop fans from all over the world already have seen their favorite male artists leave the public sphere to attend this service.

However, the case of BTS is in a permanent debate. Even though the members themselves had declared they are ready to serve their country, some people, in and outside of Korea, think it is a waste of time.

BTS is probably the biggest music group in the world at the moment. Therefore, the career of the band is really important for the Korean economy and HYBE

There is the possibility of BTS getting an exemption, but it will just happen if the Koreans laws change in the nexts months. We got the details for you.

The Military Service BTS Special Law could be approved

BTS at press conference / By @btspicstwt_

The Korean National Assembly has postponed the discussion for a change in the Military Service Act. The representative Seong Iljong said there is an agreement to look for conclusions this April.

Seong's project of law is considering an enlistment of 4 weeks to some artists who contribute to the culture, just like de special treatment to sportsmen. One of the requirements for it would be to chart at the Billboards. The representer added:

BTS has become a first-class artist leading the world in popular music, and now it is the country's turn to pay back these people. 

BTS agency urge the Korean Assembly for the conclusion

The lack of clarity is making the members of BTS suffering to defend their own future. According to Korean media, the agency is waiting for the government to conclude the discussion. The Communications Director of HYBE said:

It is true how BTS are also finding this difficult, because it makes it tough to individually plan their own future.

In recent days Jin talked about his military service. This is what he said.

What do you think? Could the exception be real?

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