Woozi's audition was epic Woozi's audition was epic

Woozi's epic audition revealed early on that he would be in SEVENTEEN

Woozi auditioned at Pledis Entertainment and it was amazing, that's how he started his story in SEVENTEEN's pre-debut

Nowadays Woozi is the producer of SEVENTEEN and we can't imagine the idol group without him. How did his story start? Here's how his epic audition at Pledis Entertainment went.

SEVENTEEN is a K-Pop group filled with extremely talented and dedicated members. Of them we can highlight Lee Jihoon, who is not only dedicated to singing and dancing for the idol group. He has also worked as a songwriter, composer and producer since the debut of the boy band.

Woozi is the genius behind many of SVT's hits. Over time we have seen him work hard, even with English songs like his solo 'Ruby' and SEVENTEEN's first English single 'Darl +ing'. He is a highly diverse artist with immense creativity. Every track of his K-Pop group is filled with his skills.

So there are a lot of things we can admire about Jihoon including his history with SVT and Pledis Entertainment. The K-Pop agency recruited almost all the members of the idol group on the street while going home or at the mall. Few of them actually went to audition for trainees and Woozi was one of them.

How was Woozi's audition for Pledis Entertainment? That was an epic moment in the history of this artist, from the beginning it was known that he would belong to SEVENTEEN because of his amazing talent.

Woozi conquered the Pledis Entertainment staff in his audition, this is his story in SEVENTEEN's pre-debut

Before Woozi auditioned for Pledis Entertainment, he was studying classical music and could actually play a lot of instruments. But he really didn't trust his singing way, when Jihoon auditioned, most of the contestants only sang for 5-10 seconds before the Pledis staff stopped them.

But with Woozi it was not like that, the staff was totally conquered by the voice of this young aspirant, so they let him finish his first song and even asked him to sing another one. They knew from the start that Lee Jihoon had to debut under their agency no matter what.

Woozi in predebut | Twitter: @96leeji

Obviously the perfect time and group also had to come for Woozi to debut, so he spent 5 years as a trainee before finally officially joining SEVENTEEN and being a part of this K-Pop group. 

What songs did Woozi audition for Pledis Entertainment?

Woozi auditioned with the song 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz and the second track he sang that maybe wasn't as ready as the first was 'You & I' by ark Bom. Aspi was how Jihoon conquered Pledis Entertainment. There is no audition video of him publicly, but we do have this other version that Woozi once sang.

We are happy that Woozi is now the great producer of SEVENTEEN, we love his epic audition and his whole history with the idol group, full of hard work and many successes. We love you so much, Lee Jihoon.

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