Wonwoo is going through a difficult time right now Wonwoo is going through a difficult time right now

Wonwoo's mother passed away and SEVENTEEN supports him in his mourning

Sadly, CARAT got to know about the death of Wonwoo's mother, SEVENTEEN and the fandom support the idol during this difficult time

Wonwoo needs all the support from his peers and fans since he lost his mom. SEVENTEEN has sympathized with him, and CARAT hopes he will take the time to feel better.

SEVENTEEN is not just a K-Pop group, its members have spent so much time together that they have formed a family of more than 13 idols. With so many experiences, good and bad, they have come together more and more and their bonds are extremely strong.

For the debut of SVT we were able to meet their families, the parents of these boys were really the first CARATs to exist. Those people who supported each of the members of the boy band since they began their time as trainees, who have seen them grow, succeed, fall and have been there to see them get up again.

Likewise, the idols have said that they have all become one big family, no matter what, THE8 shares time with Mingyu's dad, Jun's mom sent a protection bracelet to the 13 members of the group, Joshua has shared time with Wonwoo's family and even his mother became close to the mom of SEVENTEEN's rapper.

And it is precisely from whom we received the sad news, Jeon Wonwoo's mother passed away and Pledis Entertainment informed CARAT about this fact. SEVENTEEN does not abandon the rapper during his mourning and despite everything, they proved to be there for him, just like the fans.

Pledis Entertainment informs CARAT about SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo's mother, who sadly passed away

On April 6 at 12 PM South Korea time, Pledis Entertainment released a statement detailing that sadly, Wonwoo's mother passed away earlier that morning due to illness. SEVENTEEN's agency asked fans to support the singer, but also to respect this difficult time for him that he would spend next to his family and people close to him.

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo's mother is now in a better place | Twitter: @svt_weverseES

 It must definitely be a very difficult time for Wonu and CARAT is there to support him as well as the other members of SEVENTEEN. We hope that Wonwoo can take the time he needs to feel better, despite being such a pain that no one should minimize. It's just time to support him and give him time and space, without pressure.

SEVENTEEN accompanies Wonwoo in his mourning and some actions were taken to respect the idol's mourning

If you're CARAT, you know that April 6th was also Mingyu's birthday, plus since it was Wednesday, a new episode of SEVENTEEN's variety show 'Going Seventeen' would premiere, well, Gyu didn't do VLive to celebrate his birthday and the broadcast of the program was canceled to respect Wonwoo's mourning and show their support and solidarity for him.

Wonwoo has full support from SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @SVT_Membership

It only remains to endlessly support Wonwoo during this difficult time and give him time and space. Surely his mother will be very happy for him and she left with the great satisfaction of seeing him always dedicated to his work and succeeding so much alongside people who are not only co-workers, but also an extension of the family. of the. Although she is not in this earthly world, wherever she is she will continue to accompany her son and she will be present in his future. May she rest in peace.

Wonwoo has a big heart, we just know it, and you can keep reading more about him here <3. 

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