Wonwoo made a special wish on his last birthday Wonwoo made a special wish on his last birthday

Wonwoo celebrated with SEVENTEEN on his last birthday and made a very special wish

Wonwoo cares about everyone and his last birthday wish was a very nice thing even for SEVENTEEN

Even though SEVENTEEN had to work during Wonwoo's birthday, nothing stopped the members from celebrating and even he revealed what his cute wish was.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group that has extremely talented, dedicated members with beautiful personalities. Among them we find Jeon Wonwoo, a boy with a particular personality. He is usually an introvert, but he is not boring at all, he is very funny and obviously super talented.

Wonwoo has performed as a rapper, singer, and dancer in SVT. That is why he is part of the Hip-Hop Team in the idol group, he is just great, his characteristic voice gives a special touch to each song of the boy band either with a firm and powerful rap or with sweet angelic vocals with which also usually delight us.

Wonu is a super hard worker, and it's actually his birthday month. This SEVENTEEN rapper was born on July 17, 1996, so it's time to start celebrating the idol for his upcoming anniversary. Although SVT just revealed to us how much fun Wonwoo had during his previous birthday.

SEVENTEEN was working on the 'Power Of Love' concert during Wonwoo's birthday, but this didn't stop everyone from celebrating this special day and even the idol revealed what his wish was and melted our hearts.

Wonwoo made the cutest wish for SEVENTEEN and CARAT on his last birthday

SEVENTEEN has released a DVD and Digital Code of Power Of Love where we can see behind the scenes and more of this concert that became a movie. In this we see that the day they were taking pictures and so on for the concert merch was Wonwoo's birthday. The idols not only celebrated Wonu with a cake, he also made a wish.

Wonwoo then revealed exactly what he wished for:

I wished for members, staffs around me, acquaintances and Carats' health and happiness 


We are about to celebrate another Wonwoo birthday

The countdown to Wonwoo's birthday has already started, there are 15 days left to celebrate this wonderful member of SEVENTEEN. Did you know that there will actually be a video call event with SVT on that day? We are sure that Wonwoorideul will make Wonu have a very special day. He might also do his birthday VLive though if he doesn't it's fine, he might be tired after the fancalls.

So happy Wonwoo month! We are happy to celebrate this incredible idol for another year, his Instagram account is also about to celebrate his anniversary. And we hope that this day is very beautiful for Wonu, but not only his birthday, every day too <3.

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