Wonho is a vampire for Facade Wonho is a vampire for Facade

Wonho's Facade has a new teaser with vampire vibes, what is this comeback hiding?

Wonho is ready for his comeback with 'Facade' a new mini album that will show us a new concept of this soloist and this teaser confirms it

Wonho continues to experiment with his music and concepts and for his comeback with 'Facade' he is preparing new adventures for WENEE.

Once again Wonho will prove his amazing musical abilities. He is a K-Pop soloist although he previously debuted with MONSTA X, although he had to leave the band, he did not stop working on something he is really passionate about and soon launched his solo career for the fans who continued to support him.

Lee Hoseok has brought us great songs, he is not only dedicated to singing his tracks, he is also part of the writing, composition and production process in each release he has had. Songs like 'Ai n't About You', 'Lose', 'Blue', 'Stranger' or 'Eye On You' have all of his talent embodied in these songs.

This is why Wonho fans are really happy to know that the idol has everything ready for a new comeback. New songs is coming up with 'Facade' on behalf of this singer's third mini album which is already generating great anticipation for this upcoming release.

'Facade' is already showing Wonho with new concepts in his first previews and today we have a video that gives us vampire vibes, what will be behind this upcoming album?

Wonho releases a new teaser for Facade with a vampire concept

Wonho released the first 'Facade' Film Concept and it somehow gives us vampire vibes. So we have some shots in the dark, the moon and so on. Wonho's look could also remind us of a modern vampire and millionaire who will surely suck our blood with his amazing comeback.

 Do you have everything ready for Wonho's 'Facade'? We can't wait for this comeback that will surely bring great songs for K-Pop.

When is Wonho's next Facade teaser released?

There are still many teasers to be seen, the next 'Facade' teaser will be released on June 2nd. The idol's comeback will be until June 13, there are still plenty of days left to listen to Wonho's new music and enjoy all her talent. Besides that we will have more concept photos and film before the arrival of 'Facade'.

Wonho's Facade teaser schedule | Twitter: @official__wonho

So let's wait a little longer for 'Facade' and all the great surprises that Wonho will bring us in this upcoming comeback.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop idols, here we have more comebacks and debuts that will happen during June 2022. 

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