Wonho's comeback will be here soon! Wonho's comeback will be here soon!

Wonho will have a new comeback soon with Facade and here's all you need to know

When will Wonho's comeback be? K-Pop soloist is all set to release his new mini album 'Facade'

Wonho surprised the world with a new announcement, the idol will have a comeback soon and his third mini album will be called 'Facade', here we have everything we know so far.

In K-Pop there are not only groups, there are also a lot of soloists. Among them is Wonho, who previously belonged to the group MONSTA X. But the idol had to go through a terrible slander that forced him to leave the idol group with which he had debuted.

Even though Lee Hoseok was proven innocent, he no longer returned to his groupmates. But this did not mean that he would stop making music. Under HIGHLINE Entertainment, Wonho debuted as a solo artist surprising those fans who never stopped supporting him even during the hiatus.

This is how this artist showed us more of himself in his songs and that is that Hoseok has never limited himself to just singing, he is also a writer, composer and producer. So in this facet he was able to work better for his fans. With his albums  'Love Synonym Pt. 1', 'Love Synonym Pt. 2', 'Blue Letter' and 'Obsession', Wonho has captivated his fandom.

And this time, Wonho is ready to release a new mini album, this will be the third in his career and he excited WENEE with the announcement of 'Facade'.

Wonho unexpectedly announces his 3rd mini album Facade, when will his comeback be?

Through his official social networks, Wonho shared the new poster for his next mini album, it is 'Facade', it will be the third of these releases for the soloist and his comeback after his single 'Obsession'. It was something really unexpected for the fans, but everyone is already eager to listen to it.

Wonho's 'Facade' poster | Twitter: @official__wonho

As you can see, there is no premiere date for Wonho's 'Facade' yet, but obviously we are excited to hear that the idol will have another comeback. Could it be that after this he begins his military service? Previously, he had said that after one more comeback, he would have to leave to fulfill his obligations as a South Korean citizen.

What can we expect from Wonho's Facade?

As Wonho used to, surely Facade will have great songs, written, composed and produced by him. Love letters for his fans and different styles that show the idol's adaptability with his variants. We will also surely find new tracks, maybe some 6 new songs.

We're ready for Facade from Wonho | Twitter: @shinswave

So let's wait patiently for more announcements from Wonho about 'Facade', surely there will be great songs, new concept photos and more for the idol to enjoy.

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