Wonho showed more of Facade with its highlight medley Wonho showed more of Facade with its highlight medley

Wonho shows all the faces of Facade, this is what the songs of his album will sound like

How will Wonho's 'Facade' songs sound like? He revealed a new preview for every song on this next mini album

We are hours away from Wonho's comeback with 'Facade' and the idol excites us a little more for his release with the highlight medley

Wonho is an amazing K-Pop solo artist who has shown all his talents and brilliance in music since before his debut as a solo artist. He has not only limited himself to interpreting his songs, he also writes, composes and even produces tracks, which shows how his soul and love are truly embodied in each song.

This is how Wonho has conquered the hearts of many fans who today make up WENEE, the fandom that is dedicated to giving all its love and support to Lee Hoseok. Over time we have been able to see how there are more and more fans of this soloist who enjoy his amazing songs, his cute personality and his great charm.

We obviously love Wonho's music more than anything else and he'll be releasing new songs soon as he's all set for his comeback with 'Facade'. A new mini album that has brought us a dark set, but also contrasting and looks fresh. It will be the perfect combination of both.

And how do we know this? Oh! Because Wonho already revealed the highlight medley for 'Facade', so we already have the preview of all the songs that will be part of this new album.

Wonho reveals what 'Facade' songs will be like in his highlight medley

Through his official YouTube channel, Wonho released the highlight medley for 'Facade', the album has an intro that seems dark and reveals a bit of what's to come. Follow 'Crazy' which is the title track of this album and will have its official MV. We also have 'Close' which contrasts with the first song, it's calmer and sweeter. And we end with an outro with great contrast to the intro.

Wonho's comeback will be super interesting and is about to arrive as it will premiere tomorrow, June 13, 2022. Soon 'Facade' will be on all digital platforms and 'Crazy' will have its MV on YouTube.


Wonho also tewndra Ohhoho Trip very soon, the 2022 idol's fanmeeting

Wonho also announced his next fanmeeting, it will be OHHOHO TRIP, it will be in Korea on July 30, 2022 and can also be seen live for WENEE from all over the world. So there are plenty of surprises to come from this amazing idol. What happiness! We love having all these Hoseok surprises.

Wonho's OHHOHO TRIP 2022 | Twitter: @official__wonho

We are ready for Wonho's comeback and fanmeeting! It will bring us many surprises that we will not miss for anything in the world.

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