Wonho for Facade Wonho for Facade

Wonho reveals more photos for Facade, what concept will he have for his comeback?

Wonho is all set to present his new music with 'Facade' and he also charms us with his new concept photos

'Facade' is Wonho's upcoming mini album that will bring new songs for WENEE, but also new concepts that their teaser photos show us before its release.

Wonho is an amazing K-Pop solo artist who has worked hard on his music even before he debuted as a solo artist. He has brought great songs for his fans. From 'Love Synonym' to 'Obsession' he has conquered us with various tracks, concepts and others that we really love.

WENEE is the faithful fandom that is in charge of showing their great support and love for Lee Hoseok, this singer has a lot to offer since he is not only a talented singer with a unique voice. He is also in charge of writing, composing and even producing his own tracks. So he really puts his soul into every song he releases.

Perhaps this is why Wonho has truly endeared himself to the public. In addition, he has a beautiful personality that has also charmed thousands of fans. This year, Hoseok will have a new comeback with which he is already thrilling WENEE. This is his next mini album 'Facade'.

With its teasers, previews and other 'Facade' shows us a new era of Wonho and here we have new concept photos, how does the idol look in these new previews?

Wonho looks brilliant in his new concept photos for 'Facade'

The new 'Facade' concept photos are full of color, Wonho looks brilliant in a pastel shirt and light denim shorts. He also has his nails painted in beautiful colors and models for the camera like no one else does. Hoseok makes us even more excited for the release of his next mini album.

Wonho in the new concept photos for Facade | Twitter: @official__wonho

We're really loving thois concept, and what's with the photocards on the floor? Is this some kind of message? We liked this concept, but we can't choose a favorite one.

When will Wonho's Facade be released? 

June 13, 2022 is the release date of Wonho's 'Facade', we are only 5 more days away to listen to the great music that the idol has prepared for the world, we are more than ready for his new songs. In addition to also new performances that she will do on Korean music programs.

Wonho will release Facade next June 13 | Twitter: @official__wonho

We're super excited for Wonho's 'Facade', did you but his album yet? It's on pre-sale right now and it'll have new benefits.

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