Wonho will have a comeback with Facade on June Wonho will have a comeback with Facade on June

Wonho reveals more about Facade with these first comeback teasers

Wonho is all set for his upcoming comeback with 3rd mini album 'Facade', and builds anticipation with his first teasers

'Facade' is Wonho's next album, with this the soloist will have his new comeback for which we can't wait any longer, what does he have prepared for WENEE?

Wonho is an excellent K-Pop solo artist who has been presenting the best of his music. He debuted with MONSTA X but for reasons of life he had to leave the group. Although this did not mean that he would not continue with his musical career and he would soon make his solo debut to continue showing all his talent.

We can say that Wonho's talent is special, he is not only dedicated to singing and performing his songs. He is a writer, composer and even producer so we know that the soul of this great complete artist will be reflected in each track. His releases have completely conquered us.

It's been a few months since his last comeback with 'Obsession', Lee Hoseok took to the stage once again with 'Eye On You' and 'Somebody', after that maybe WENEE didn't expect any more new music. But Wonho surprised us all with the announcement of a new mini album.

This time, Hoseok will take the stage with 'Facade', a new album that has already presented its first teasers, with this the soloist generates great expectations before his next comeback, what will Wonho surprise us with this time?

Wonho's Facade has new teasers, what will be the concept of this upcoming album?

Wonho has already revealed a lot of teasers about 'Facade', its schedule of activities, the contents and versions of this upcoming mini album and now he shows the first concept photo for this idol's comeback. It's in black and white and gives us a very fancy vibe.

Wonho's Facade concept photo | Twitter: @official__wonho

We also know that 'Crazy' will be the title track for 'Facade' as Wonho has released the tracklist for his upcoming mini album which will contain 5 songs in total.

Facade's tracklist | Twitter: @official__wonho

When will Wonho's Facade be released?

June 13, 2022 is the release date of Wonho's 'Facade', the idol has once again worked hard on his songs and will surely also have amazing performances with this new comeback for which we can't wait any longer. Only a couple of weeks left to hear new music from this artist.

Wonho will release Facade on June | Twitter: @official__wonho

So we just have to wait a little longer for Wonho's comeback, it will surely be full of big surprises for all his fans, we're waiting patiently for 'Facade'.

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