Wonho excercises a lot Wonho excercises a lot

Wonho revealed how much exercise he gets, this is how he maintains his strong body

There are many things we can admire about Wonho and many fans are surprised with how muscular he is, how much exercise does he do?

Wonho is not only an amazing K-Pop artist, he also has a body that has surprised many fans and even other idols, how does he manage to be so strong? He revealed his exercise routine.

The hearts of Wonho fans have been won over by the music of this extremely talented artist. There are many things we can admire about him, first of all his beautiful voice and his amazing way of dancing. But this idol not only limits his work to performing, he also writes, composes and produces his songs.

Lee Hoseok also has a big heart, a beautiful personality that is noticeable on many occasions. He was previously part of MONSTA X and with his group and staff he showed the sweetest and cutest of his way of being. Even today he has shown WENEE that he has a beautiful charisma, a lot of innocence and more of himself that we find wonderful.

To tell the truth, Wonho is not only admired by fans, but also by many other idols, since we know that there are those who invest time in the gym and wish they had a body like Hoseok. Wonho is probably one of the strongest and most muscular idols in the industry and it is something that draws a lot of attention from everyone.

And surely many will want to know what is the exercise routine that Wonho follows, well, he revealed how much he exercises a day and we are very surprised. This artist really invests time in his body.

How much exercise does Wonho do a day? This is how he keeps his body as strong as it is

A Wonho's fan told him that his body looked much better now, and Wonho simply said that he had worked out hard to get it. His fan also asked about how much exercise he gets per day and Hoseok said:

Twice a day for two hours each work out

Wonho works out twice a day | Twitter: @WeneeGermany2

 So Wonho works out four hours total a day, OMG, now you know how much you have to work out if you want to be as strong as this idol.

Wonho shares with WENEE more about his workout routine

Through VLive, Wonho decided to broadcast for a while while doing his exercise routine, the idol lifting weights and showing WENEE how he works out. He really works hard to keep his body in this shape, no wonder so many envy him.

Wonho usually takes enough time to share with his fans, he is an artist extremely dedicated to both his music and the people who admire him. Something great that many may not appreciate. We are complete fans of Wonho and love all his activities, keep going, Wonho!

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