Wonho will appear in this musical Wonho will appear in this musical

Wonho joins the cast of EQUAL, here's everything about this new musical

Wonho will star a new musical called EQUAL, he'll take the stage with more idols, get to know everything about it

Wonho will challenge himself as a musical actor in the play 'EQUAL' a new production that you'll love, there are more idols on the cast that you need to watch.

Wonho is one of the most talented soloists in K-Pop, he used to be a part of MONSTA X, but he had to leave the band due to a terrible controversy even if he was innocent. Well, but he keeps working on his own music and releasing great tracks.

Since his solo debut, Lee Hoseok has been working real hard for WENEE, his own fandom who supports and loves him all of the time. With his different albums and singles, he offers the best to those followers since he participates activiely in songwriting and producing of each album.

Hoseok has been challenging himself in each new release and tends to release a variety of tracks which show his musical skills on different songs. Wonho has also worked as a model, and WENEE will love him as an actor.

And WENEE's dream will become true too, since he joined the cast for a new musical called EQUAL, what is it about?

Wonho joins this new musical play, what is EQUAL about?

Wonho is part of the cast of 'EQUAL' a musical which will take the stage on a second season, this K-Pop soloist will play the main role of Theo,  a doctor who will try to save his friend Nicola. These play is going to be presented on June 3rd.

Wonho to appear in EQUAL | Twitter: @Worldwide_Wonho

We're sure that Wonho is going to challenge himself in this new project and that he'll also make a great job as a musical actor.

What other idols are in the EQUAL cast?

The cast of EQUAL is full of idols, besindes Wonho, we're going to see VROMANCE's Lee Hyung Suk, VICTON's Kang Seung Suk and Lim Se Jun and Golden Child's Hong Joo Chan, these all K-Pop artists are going to appear on the show.

EQUAL's cast | Twitter: @WeneeGermany2

So we must wait a little bit more for this cast to take the stage and show us something new with this second season of EQUAL.

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