Wonho and (G)-IDLE Wonho and (G)-IDLE

Wonho joins (G)I-DLE to dance the TOMBOY challenge

Wonho and (G)I-DLE made the best dance for TOMBOY, watch them here!

Wonho is an incredible dancer and even collaborating with other artists he's great with the coreographies and he proved this with (G)I-DLE and their Tomboy dance.

We can find a lot of things about Wonho to admire, this solo K-Pop artist is an amazing singer, he's also a great dancer. He's been showing all of his talents since his debut with MONSTA X. This great artist is just passionate and dedicated for music.

Lee Hoseok has been working on his music for a really long time, he won't limin his skills to the studio and on stage. This solo artist is also a songwriter and producer too, he has great abilities which has been showing since the beginning of his career.

But we can also highlight the dancing skills of Hoseok, he's been an amazing dancer and he's also creative in coreographies, he shines bright on stage all of the time. We love this great and complete artist.

Wonho showed us more of his dancing skills with (G)I-DLE and the Tomboy challenge, he joined the girl group and danced along with the girls.

Wonho and (G)I-DLE dance Tomboy together and we're loving this unexpected collab

Wonhon joined (G)-IDLE and danced with the idols 'Tomboy', it was an amazing collaboration that no one was expecting at all but it only showed how good Wonho is for dancing even if he just learned a coreography.

Wonho was having such a great time with (G)-IDLE, it was fun to see him with these idols dancing one of their songs.

Wonho had a lot of fun with (G)-IDLE in the group's show

Wonho hosted (G)-IDLE's variety show and that's how he had a lot of fun with the girl group, they even played as teams and it was so fun to watch. WENEE loved these interactions of the soloist with the girls. 

Wonho and (G)-IDLE | Twitter: @sad_778

We really loved Wonho and (G)-IDLE together, will they have a music collaboration soon? It'll be amazing.

Keep reading more about Wonho, here we tell you everything about EQUAL, first Hoseok's musical. 

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