Aespa teaser picture for debut 2020

Will the new K-pop band Aespa dethrone the Blackpink stars?

Aespa has been the talk of the town ever since the teaser for their long-awaited debut has dropped. The group was announced to have 4 members and a powerful concept. Ring a bell? Many fans speculated that SM was trying to re-create Blackpink. Read more below to this see if this really was the truth!  

  • Aespa debuted on 17th November 2020 with a single called Black Mamba under SM Entertainment. 
  • It consists of 2 rappers and 2 vocalists. The members are Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning.
  • Blackpink is a girl group of 4 members that debuted under YG Entertainment in August 2016.
  • They were given the title ‘K-pop Titans’ by The Grammy Recording Academy and have a net worth of $35 million. 

K-pop takes a new lead

Aespa group teaser picture

On October 26, it was announced that after 6 years SM Entertainment will be debuting a new girl group called Aespa. The group gets its name from mashing up 'avatar experience' and 'aspect', cool right?

Each girl has her own virtual character! The concept of the group is to show powerful performances and meeting another version of yourself in a new world experience. 

Comparisons of Aespa to Blackpink

Aespa AI which looks similar to Lisa, as said by fans

Fans took to Twitter and YouTube to comment on how Blackpink will always be the standard. It's no secret that Blackpink popularized the girl crush image in K-pop ever since their debut. During the debut of ITZY, similar things were said too!

As far as Aespa is concerned, fans talked about how one of the avatars was a copy of Lisa and one of them reminded them of Rose! Do you think that's true? 

Aespa is breaking records already!


Aespa Avatars

Their debut track 'Black Mamba' was released on 17th November and these girls have already smashed a couple of records! They had the most-viewed debut on YouTube in 24 hours with 21.4 million views. How cool is that?

They also reached 76k unique listeners on Melon and are the most followed rookies of 2020 on Weibo. By the sound of it, so far they are continuing the K-pop 4th generation electronic pop trend. 

the 4 girls of Aespa

In my opinion, Aespa still has a long way to go before we start making statements such as them dethroning Blackpink, Red Velvet, or replacing any other senior group. A lot of groups have attempted (and succeeded) at the girl crush concept. I am looking forward to Aespa's debut album being released, are you? What genre would you like this fresh group to try? Let us know in the comments! 


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