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Will TWICE disband in 2022? This could be the reason why

The K-Pop sensation TWICE is still breaking records with their music. However the fans are worried because the group could finish its activities in the next months.

TWICE is one of the most active girl groups in the industry. Since their debut, the schedule of the members has been busy with a lot of work. On average this girl group would do three comebacks in a year.

Right now the singer of “What is Love?” are rocking the stage with their “TWICE 4th World Tour III”. The artists sold out the shows in the United States and for three concerts at the Tokyo Dome. In a few days the Idols will be performing in Los Angeles for the “Encore Concert”. It will be their first show at a stadium in North America.

TWICE performing at the Tokyo Dome / By @JYPETWICE_JAPAN

Meanwhile TWICE is preparing their new Japanese album “Celebrate” that will be released on July 27. Despite the big success the group is living, the fans are concerned for TWICE future. In a couple of months their contract will finish, the incertitude is making ONCE crazy.

TWICE contract is finishing in October

On October 20, 2015, Twice made their debut with the main single “Like OOH AHH”. It was their first song and it was already a hit. That day the contract of the members began, according to the agency JYP Entertainment the contract length is 7 years.

The date is coming soon, the end of TWICE contract will be next October. At the end of 2021 rumors for the renewal or enlargement of the contract were all over the internet. However the label hasn’t confirmed anything.

ONCE is worried and having for opposite opinions

In the opinion of the fanatics, the members of TWICE have been working too much since their debut. The group has almost no free days in their busy schedule. Because of this reason some fans are wishing the girls would leave the label.

On the other hand, all the public wants to see TWICE in the scenarios for too much time. It is obvious the agency still has a lot of projects for the band this year. Could this be a sign of a contract extension?

We can’t resist the incertitude! We're wishing the best for TWICE!

ONCE, what do you think about it?

While we’re waiting for a conclusion, read all the information about TWICE new japanese album “Celebrate”.

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