STRAY KIDS' Changbin and SEVENTEEN's Dino STRAY KIDS' Changbin and SEVENTEEN's Dino

Will STRAY KIDS' Changbin and SEVENTEN's Dino drop a collab? The friends might work together

SEVENTEEN's Dino has talked about his friendship with Changbin of STRAY KIDS. The Idols might work in collaboration.

We all love to see that our favorite Idols from different groups are actually close to each other. As you may know, K-Pop artists usually are friends with other celebrities that were born in the same year. Being of the same age is the best way to make friends in Korea.

The celebrities' friends groups are quite popular such as the Wooga Squad, the 97 Line and the Padding Squad. Well, here is a new friendship among the hottest boy groups of the moment that will make crazy the fans: SEVENTEEN nad STRAY KIDS.

STRAY KIDS members / Twitter @Stray_Kids

Recently, was revealed that some members of these groups are close. Immediately, the fandoms started asking for a collaboration. We have great news for you, this dream might be real one day. Weare telling you everything.

Fans ask for a collab with Changbin and Dino

On July 22th SEVENTEEN held an online fansign. During the event, a fan asked Dino about his just revealed friendship with STRAY KIDS' Changbin. The fanatic wanted to know how close these handsome Idols are.

Changbin and I sometimes meet and talk, we go out to eat together and we get along well.

SEVENTEEN's Dino on the online fansign / Twitter @xum8nghao_o2

CARAT confessed that she/he is a fan of both of them. The person was really happy after getting the news of their brotherhood. The fan said, "Is it possible to see the two of you collaborate? Or maybe invite him to danceology?".

SEVENTEEN's maknae didn't doubt a second. He immediately expressed that he will try to do it and he will ask for it. As you may know, both Idols are super talented dancers, also their stage presence is out of this world. This project would be explosive!

Changbin of STRAY KIDS / Twitter @minduxmin

Even though it's just an idea, STAY and CARAT are already excited about it. We are talking about members of some of the best-selling boy groups in Korea. If they join forces, the result has to be a masterpiece. What do you think about it?

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