Will SEVENTEEN's S.Coups debut as a soloist soon? Will SEVENTEEN's S.Coups debut as a soloist soon?

Will SEVENTEEN's S.Coups release a mixtape in July? He's giving hints for CARAT

It seems that S.Coups is planning something for July 2022, will it be the SEVENTEEN rapper's first mixtape?

Most of the members of SEVENTEEN have released their songs solo, sometimes as a duo, and more. CARAT has been waiting for a S.Coups mixtape for a long time and perhaps the clues the rapper is giving lead us to his long-awaited solo debut in July.

SEVENTEEN has extremely talented and dedicated members. Their leader, S.Coups is not only a totally intelligent man who cares about his members and fans, he is also someone who is passionate about music. He has a unique and cool way of rapping and he is also a great vocalist.

Choi Seungcheol is a complete artist, he is part of SVT's Hip-Hop Unit, he works hard together with his line leader as well. He has written for his group and is always aware of all the needs of the members of the group and CARAT. This is why the fandom always gives him all the support and respect possible.

Unlike other SEVENTEEN members, Seungcheol hasn't released a solo mixtape or song, and it's something fans would love to hear. Well, his way of rapping and singing is unique and gives each SVT track a great stamp and style that would make the most of it in a solo work.

But could it be that 2022 is the year in which we see S.Coups debut as a solo artist, the leader of SEVENTEEN has been giving hints to CARAT about something that will happen in July, is this rapper's first mixtape coming up?

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups hints at CARAT about something happening in July, will he release his solo mixtape soon?

Now that SEVENTEEN is promoting 'Face The Sun,' the K-Pop group is having online and offline fansigns with CARAT. In these video call events and more with his fans, S.Coups is hinting at something that will happen next July. A fan gave Cheol a list of recommendations for him to cover, but he saw them and replied:

Something you may like even better might come out in July…

CARAT's list of recommendations for S.Coups | Twitter: @scoup_otato

While in a fancall, Cheol mentioned the month of July with his fan again, what will happen then in this month? CARAT is thinking that maybe he will release his mixtape as a solo artist. He would be the only member of the leader line that hasn't debuted solo, as Hoshi has 'Spider' and Woozi has 'Ruby'.

S.Coups: It doesn't seem like we'll just spend July without doing anything, right?
CARAT: What is it? We'll look forward to it! We can anticipate it, right?
S.Coups: Yep~ 

S.Coups is hinting us with his solo mixtape | Twitter: @ADONIS_406

 What can we expect from S.Coups' solo mixtape?

Well, considering that this SEVENTEEN member is a rapper, maybe we'll have a rap track for his solo mixtape. He is also an excellent singer, so the vocals will be on point. Although we can also think about how unpredictable SVT can be and S.Coups would end up surprising us in his solo debut anyway.

CARAT made this fanmade cover for S.Coups mixtape | Twitter: @minigarae

So let's hope that S.Coups will give us more details soon about 'what will happen in July', we can't wait any longer, we're sure that whatever it's, it'll be amazing <3.

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