When is BLACKPINK going to release its comeback? When is BLACKPINK going to release its comeback?

Will BLACKPINK's comeback come out on spring? This new hint excites BLINK

Maybe BLACKPINK's comeback is closer than we think and BLINK is excited about this new clue

BLINK has been waiting patiently for a BLACKPINK comeback and maybe this year we can enjoy more music from this idol group, will they return to the stage during spring?

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop groups, the four members of this band have given their best to be able to shine and stand out in the industry of this musical genre. The work and effort of these idols is rewarded with each new achievement and all the moments in which their fandom shows its love and support.

BLINK is the great fanbase that is responsible for supporting and admiring BLACKPINK, this is one of the largest fandoms in the world and there is no place where we do not find a fan of this girl group. With each comeback, BP showed her impact and that her fans would give them all the love in the world.

Although some time has passed since BLACKPINK's last comeback, its members shone as solo artists thanks to their fandom. Rosé and Lisa released their own songs that impacted on the industry. But their fans want to hear them all together again with new songs that will surely become their favorites.

But 2022 could be the great year in which BLACKPINK returns to the stage and there are more and more clues about its comeback that excite their fans, it seems that the new music of BLACKPINK is closer than everyone expects.

BLACKPINK's comeback could come out on spring 2022 according to this hint

Universal Music Group, the agency to which BLACKPINK belongs internationally, released a photo of the idols with the description '#BLACKPINK... but make it spring'. Something that alerted fans and made them think that perhaps BP's next comeback will arrive in the spring of 2022.

Is this a BLACKPINK's comeback hint? | Instagram: @universalmusicgroup

Although if we think about it a little more, and since Universal is the one who releases this photo, it could rather be an original English single by BLACKPINK, will it be their debut with an English song? We look forward to more clues as to what BP's comeback or new music will be about. OMG.

BLINK connects BIGBANG's comeback with BLACKPINK's one

BIGBANG, a K-Pop group that belongs to YG Entertainment like BLACKPINK, released the first teaser and release date for their upcoming comeback in April. Thinking about this, BLINK theorizes that maybe both comebacks will take place a month apart, so BP's could be in May.

BLINK thinks that BIGBANG's and BLACKPINK's comebacks might be connected | Twitter: @GIRL0VESICK

BLINK is waiting for more details and official information about BLACKPINK's comeback, maybe it's closer than everyone expects. But girl group fans are more than ready for it to happen.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, we tell you where do de idols live now, it's a great place for them to be. 

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