Will BLACKPINK's comeback be on August? Will BLACKPINK's comeback be on August?

Will BLACKPINK's comeback be in August? Jisoo gave BLINK a hint

Maybe for their 6th anniversary, BLACKPINK will celebrate with a comeback as Jisoo gave us a little hint

It seems that this time BLACKPINK will have their long-awaited comeback in August, how did Jisoo give her fans a hint?

BLACKPINK hasn't had a comeback in over 400 days, this idol group's hiatus is the largest among 3rd generation girl groups and fans are really a little sad about it. Don't get them wrong, they still support the girl group and their idols but it's been a long time since they released new music.

Since early 2022, BLACKPINK's comeback seemed more plausible. In 2021, Rosé and Lisa focused on their solo music, while Jisoo was acting in 'Snowdrop' the drama in which he had his first leading role. But they still had no plans together.

During this 2022 the members of BP have been concentrating more on their work as fashion brand ambassadors and also as part of OP26 at the UN. But the comeback has been rumored since the beginning and they may soon surprise us with the new music that all of BLINK has been waiting for.

It may be that BLACKPINK celebrates its 6th anniversary with a new comeback, so it would come in August. Jisoo gave BLINK a little hint that gives us hope.

Jisoo gives a new hint of BLACKPINK's comeback, will it finally be in August?

Jisoo is very active on Weverse, she always tries to communicate with her fans through this platform. So that's where BLINK can make comments and questions that Kim Jisoo often answers. This time, a fan asked about BLACKPINK's comeback and she gave us a hint.

BLINK: Chu if there is a comeback in August shake the carrot!!

Jisoo: Carrot, carrot, shake, shake! Why shake a carrot??

Jisoo in Weverse | Twitter: @xx_turtle_

 Do you think August will finally be BLACKPINK's comeback month? We hope so, there really is a need for new music and girl group performances.

Why would BLACKPINK's comeback be in August?

It could be that August is BLACKPINK's comeback month since that is the month in which the idol group debuted. So to celebrate, the girls would release new music. It makes sense, we just have to wait for everything to begin to be confirmed and we finally have new music from these talented idols.

BLACKPINK could have its comeback in August | Twitter: @lisasuprmcy

We hope that BLACKPINK will finally have their comeback soon, we have waited a long time for the girl group's new music.

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