BLACKPINK might have two comebacks during this year BLACKPINK might have two comebacks during this year

Will BLACKPINK have two comebacks this year? The group's music for 2022

BLACKPINK might preparing a lot of new music for BLINK to release during 2022, will they release two albums this year?

The wait for BLACKPINK's new music has been very long, fans want to have more songs from the girl group and perhaps their wishes will soon be fulfilled, since it seems that the idols are preparing two comebacks for 2022.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop groups around the world, the talents and skills of these artists are visible every time they take the studio or stage and charm fans with their songs and performances. The impact of these idols is also obvious in their solo works.

And although BLINK had a lot of music from BLACKPINK members as solo artists throughout 2021, the fandom has been waiting for a full comeback. What they want is to see all the girls together once again with new tracks that will surely become their favorite ones.

As 2022 began, rumors began to emerge about a BLACKPINK comeback, according to YG Entertainment's finances and economic plan, it was predictable that BP would have their long-awaited comeback in the middle of this year. Although nothing has been confirmed, the clues say that it might a fact.

And the best thing is that it seems that there will not be just one BLACKPINK comeback, there will be two and this means much more music and performances for the fans, BLINK will have many more songs than the fandom expected.

BLACKPINK might have two comebacks during 2022 and this is all we know so far

According to YG Entertainment investors it might be possible for BLACKPINK to have two comebacks, the first one might be before June and the second one would take place during the second half of 2022 and they will also announce a World Tour with the second comeback.

BLACKPINK would have two comebacks in 2022 | Twitter: @hankscart

BLINK is so excited to know that BLACKPINK might have two comebacks this year, it will be so cool to see them hit the stage together once again.

When was BLACKPINK's last comeback? 

In October 2020 was BLACKPINK's last comeback with 'The Album', BLINK has been waiting fo almost two years since that happenned, but it seems that the wait will be over very soon and the fans will get to listen to new songs from the idols.

The Album was BLACKPINK last comeback | Twitter: @lovepinksot4

Let's hope for the best with BLACKPINK's new music, and also a Worl Tour will be amazing, will they hit your twon soon?

Get to know more abput BLACKPINK and its members, did you know that Rosé is fully recovered from COVID-19? She's healthy right now.

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