BTS and its military service BTS and its military service

Why would BTS leave only for one month to do their military service?

BTS' military service has been a controversial topic to discuss, did you know that it would only take them one month to finish it? Here we tell you why

For the government, BTS has already fulfilled their nation by attracting so much tourism and changing the image of Korea, so they would not have to do military service, but an agreement has been reached, would these artists complete their obligation in just one month?

Military service is something that many K-Pop fans fear because their favorite idols must temporarily leave to fulfill this obligation as responsible citizens of South Korea. It is usually a difficult stage but in the end it is something that must be fulfilled.

With BTS there has been great controversy surrounding the military service of these idols, many people believe that they simply should not do military service because they have already given a lot to their nation by attracting tourism and completely changing the image and perception of Korea in everything. the world due to the great popularity of the boy band.

This is why ARMY still has many doubts about the military service of the Bangtan Boys, it could be that a law would exempt them from compulsory military service. Although to many other fandoms this seemed very unfair as there had been no such exceptions in K-Pop.

The agreement about BTS' military service could be reached very soon and perhaps the boy band would only have to disappear temporarily and indeed for a very short time to complete their military service.

This is the reason why BTS would finish their military service in just one month

According to the South Korean government, a law is being discussed so that BTS members only have to do one month of military service for all of them to be released from it. The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan would just take basic training and go back to work.

BTS might only go to the army for one month | Twitter: @infoBTS_moon

This law still needs to be approved so BTS could just go to the military for only a month and return to their normal activities.

BTS' impact on culture and economy is what would exempt them from military service

 BTS has a huge impact in culture and economy of Korea, the idol group has increased tourism and its achievements make the country's economy better. They have been ambassadors for the nation for so long and this makes them serve for their country in a different way,

BTS serves its nation in a different way | Twitter: @sugaawifeu

So, yeah, that's why BTS might only have to enlist in the army for only one month, let's wait for the results of this law.

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