CLC is disbanding CLC is disbanding

Why will CLC disband? Cube Entertainment announces the end of this group

A sad news invades the world of K-Pop since CLC has made its disintegration official, why is the group disbanding?

The separation of CLC is official, through a statement from Cube Entertainment it was made public that the girl group has ended.

CLC is a K-Pop girl group formed by Cube Entertainment in 2015. Initially 5 members were part of the group, after two more joined and the original line-up stayed with 7 members who worked hard in every comeback and performance for fans.

Thousands of fans supported CLC, which gave us a lot of great songs to enjoy, some of their tracks were 'Devil', 'Helicopter', 'Black Dress' and more which not only gained huge popularity in Korea, but also all over the world. the world. The idol group released a total of 10 EPs with which they captivated their fans.

CLC also worked on singles, OSTs, and even collaborations of its members individually. Their work really created great moments for their fans who supported them without limits in each new comeback and project of which they were all a part, together or separately.

But, everything has an end and at this time it is known that CLC is about to disband, Cube Entertainment announced the disbandment of the idol group leaving a void in true fans.

CLC's contract has ended and this is why the group is disbanding

CLC's contract with Cubre Entertainment has ended, this had a duration of 7 years. The girl group's debut was in March 2015, their farewell will be on June 6, 2022. It is sad news for many fans who supported the group, but in the end it is the decision of the members and the company.

Sadly, CLC will disband | Twitter: @theseoulstory

The separation of CLC is sad, but we know that they have left a great musical legacy after 7 years of hard work, we wish for the members the best!

 What will happen in the future with the former members of CLC?

Some of the members of CLC already have a career in acting, so they will surely continue to perform as actresses. Others of them are expected to continue with their solo careers, there is still a world of possibilities for them and surely the fans will support them in their new paths.

What's in the future for CLC members? | Twitter: @_HourlyElkie

We hope the best for all the CLC girls who still have many brilliant talents to show the world and more of themselves that will make them shine everywhere.

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