D.O and Hongki singing at Park Shin Hye's wedding D.O and Hongki singing at Park Shin Hye's wedding

Why were EXO's D.O and F.T Island's Hongki nervous about singing at Park Shin Hye's wedding?

What made D.O and Hongki nervous when they were supposed to sing at Park Shin Hye's big wedding?

Park Shin Hye's wedding has been unforgettable and not only for the actress' fans, but also for her colleagues and artists who were invited to the ceremony. EXO's D.O and F.T Island's Hongki had a special participation, but they were nervous to sing.

Park Shin Hye married Choi Tae Joon in early 2022. The acting couple was expecting their first child and they were happy as well in this ceremony that united their lives forever. In this event we could not only see the main characters, many stars were invited to this wedding to share unforgettable moments with the couple.

Among the guests at Park Shin Hye's wedding, we found many of our favorite K-Dramas actors. But also some idols who have worked in dramas and have simply great and exceptional voices. So we learned that EXO's D.O had been present at this ceremony.

Hongki from F.T Island also graced the wedding with his presence. D.O and Hongki didn't just limit themselves to be at the event, they actually had a very special performance at the marriage ceremony between Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon. Both singers took the stage of the venue to dedicate a sweet song to the newlyweds.

But in reality it was not as easy as it seems, D.O and Hongki were actually very nervous at the time of singing in this big wedding, what happened? Both idols were able to give a good performance finally.

F.T Island's Hongki confesses that he and EXO's D.O. were nervous about singing at Park Shin Hye's wedding

At the wedding of Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon. D.O and Hongki sang the congratulatory song for the couple. Before going on stage, both of them were extremely nervous due to the number of stars invited to the ceremony. They thought that instead of a wedding, they were at an award ceremony, so they got nervous. But they were both professional and did a great performance.

D.O, who was up next, was shaking. Thanks to him, I was able to relax a bit


That's how D.O. and Hongki were able to do their songs without a problem, but they were really pressured by all the celebrities that were at the ceremony.

What songs did Hongki and D.O sing at Park Shin Hye's wedding?

Hongki sang the song 'I'm Saying', which is one of the OST tracks of 'The Heirs', K-Drama in which Park Shin Hye starred alongside Lee Min Ho who was one of the guests at the wedding. This song brought back fond memories for the actress and her set partner who was present at the ceremony.

While D.O joined singer Crush to sing 'Beautiful', a song that was made for the OST of the now classic drama 'Goblin', so it was a new version with both artists live.


Thus, the idols were able to give an amazing performance despite being nervous and entertained Park Shin Hye's wedding with their great songs and amazing voices. It was great.

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