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Why was V from BTS thinking about quitting the band?

Can you imagine BTS without V? The K-pop star has definitely considered discontinuing his journey as a singer. He revealed that he was having a hard time when he wrote the song, 'Blue and Grey'. However, completing the song changed something inside him. Want to know what it was? Scroll down to find out!  

  • BTS V is an expressive person as he prefers sharing his feelings with his friends, family and the Army.
  • At the age of 25, he has accomplished a net worth of $20 million.
  • The 5'10" tall K-pop idol is an amazing songwriter. His songs 'Scenery', 'Winter Bear' and 'Sweet Night' are written by him.
BTS V talking in an interview

While talking in an interview, V revealed the reason behind writing 'Blue and Grey'. He explained that it was supposed to be a part of his mixtape. But due to its heartfelt lyrics the band members thought of including it in the main album, BE. 

V sharing his thoughts with fans

It was during a time when work was really hard. I am someone that likes to work when I am happy and want to show my best to my fans, but there were so many things I had to do. I’m a laid-back person, but because things got so hectic, I became broken. So it was very difficult for me and I thought about what was at the end of the road I am currently on. Success is important, but I chose to be a singer to become happy but why wasn’t I happy now? That is how I started writing Blue & Grey.

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We totally agree with V. Sometimes work brings stress and mental pressure which makes the whole situation unbearable. But we need to sort it out. We hope that V always stays happy.

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After this, he talked about how 'Blue and Grey' helped him actually. 

I once had a problem like this before. It was really hard back then. But I couldn’t keep carrying these feelings with me, so I felt that these feelings could be the basis for something. So I kept writing my feelings in a note pad and used it to write lyrics. As I continued to jot down notes, I thought about using it to write a song. After writing it, I felt a sense of accomplishment, and I was able to let go a bit of my ‘Blue & Grey’. It was one of the ways for me to overcome my problems.

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Writing to let out your feelings is an excellent mechanism, sometimes even psychologists recommend it. We love how V found a way to get out of all the mental chaos without getting deeply affected by it!

V talking to the fans

He further added that he wants to heal his fans, the Army through music. For him, Army's well-being is the most important. 

When someone is depressed, it’s better to say 'Ah you are depressed these days' or 'You can’t feel better now just because someone says to cheer up' instead of just saying 'cheer up.' The same goes for 'Blue & Grey'. 'You’re depressed right now, I am too. We are the same.' 'Shall I talk about your feelings in your heart now? You want to me happy now right? In the midst of all this, something keeps coming at you like a wave, doesn’t it?' These are the things I wanted to convey in my song.

Bare faced V

The way V tries to help the fans facing similar circumstances like him is really impressive. He knows how to use his influence in the rightest way possible.

V in 'BE' concept photo

Thank you V for sharing such an emotional song with us. Have you listened to the song? Let us know in the comments down below and listen to it to feel how soothing and healing it is!

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