Why was Suga's voice taken out from BTS' new song 'Skit'? 

With the release of BTS' new album, fans are going crazy! BTS' awaited comeback album is here! But during one of the songs, Suga's voice has been edited out. What did he say? Read down below to see why Suga had to face such censoring!

  • BTS' new album has gained 20 million views in three hours!
  • Suga is the lead rapper of BTS with a net worth of $20 million!
  • The 27-year-old star was born on 9 March, 1993. 
BTS cute selfie together

This BTS album was self-directed by the members. This has never been done before with any K-pop bands! Both fans and BTS are delighted with the new album!

BTS new song 'Life Goes On'

One of the most exciting tracks is called 'Skit.' It is merely an audio conversation between the seven members. The track is from when BTS ranked number one on Billboard Top 100

BTS ranking number one for Billboard hot 100

You can hear the members excitedly talking about how happy they are! When Suga was asked what he was feeling, his reply was bleeped! We think he cursed out of excitement!

BTS Yoongi showing middle finger

Fans are all curious to hear what the 27-year-old rapper said! Sadly, it is going to remain a secret like many others from before!

BTS Suga doing finger heart for fans

ARMYs from all over the world are beyond excited for this album! Nothing can match our happiness right now! Let us know what you're feeling with the new album down below! Watch the music video down below and read even more articles! 

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