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Why is the Bagel Bites official account obsessed with BTS?

Even brands are in love with BTS. The biggest example of this is the official account of Bagel Bites. Bagel Bites is a frozen bite-sized pizza bagel that is an American classic! The Twitter account, affectionately known as 'BB' has become a fan account dedicated to BTS. Read below to know more about how BTS' magic turned an official brand account into fans.

  • BTS is the world's biggest boy band with a Twitter following of a shocking 32 million!
  • Unlike other celebrities, BTS does not have any other social media accounts. 
  • The Korean band does not promote brands easily, and only wear exclusive luxury clothes from brands like 'Gucci'. 
  • Bagel Bites joined Twitter on March 2019, and have been BTS fans since their 16th tweet

Starting on August 21, the Bagel Bites account made their first tweet about BTS that read “You can’t spell BITES without BTS. Anyway, stream Dynamite.” This tweet has more than 108,000  likes!

Bagel Bites account tweeting about Dynamite

From that moment onwards, the bagel pizza brand has become a true BTS fan account. Fans love interacting with the brand. The account even types in the language used by BTS fans (which involves a lot of slang and keyboard smashing). 

Bagel Bites using k-pop language for BTS

The account’s following has increased by a jaw-dropping 422% since they started talking about BTS. The surge in followers is fishy to some fans who believe Bagel Bites only talks about BTS to get likes. 

Bagel bites header

With the increase in engagements by BTS fans, the brand has seen a huge increase in sales. Most of the account's followers are BTS fans, and the brand successfully promotes its product to millions of fans.  Although there is no way to tell if 'BB' is a real BTS fan or not, we can’t say we mind the adorable tweets about BTS.

Bagel Bites interacting with BTS fans

The account makes sure to support BTS with all their new albums. We can’t judge if the account owner is a true BTS fan or is doing this just for engagements, but fans love it. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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