V from BTS showing his hands

Why is the BTS singer V most famous for his hands?

The 24-year-old vocalist was born on December 30, 1995, in Bisan Dong. He grew up playing under the care of his grandmother. Did you know V is the member with the longest hands? Read below if you want to find out why Army has rated V as the member with the most beautiful hands.

  • The 5'10" tall singer has a pet dog named Yeontan. It is the most well-known pet from BTS. 
  • Sweet Night, V's song for Itaewon Class, has the most #1s in iTunes history.
  • V contributes $20 million to the $450 million net worth of BTS. 
V posing for a picture

The member with an adorable boxy smile has taken the spotlight for his hands. V has accessorized his hands with huge stone rings and dainty slim ones. We would love to have a peak in his jewelry collection. What about you?

V's hand focus

 Army often says he has beautiful nails too. He likes to take care of his beautiful hands by getting manicures. That is some laudable dedication. Could this be one reason they are so pretty?

V's rings and bracelets

 He has often flaunted his pretty hands with the exquisite accessories he owns. He has a collection of bracelets he wraps around his wrist usually. It makes his hands look more noticeable. We wish we could flaunt so many accessories as he does. Can you? 

Taehyung's long fingers and the many accessories combined make his hands prettier than anyone else's.  
His song Singularity has a lot of focus on his hands as he performs through them in a mesmerizing way.

 What do you think could be the reason behind V's gorgeous hands? Could it be the care, the length, or the way he accessorizes it? Check out his song singularity to understand why people are crazy about his hands!

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