Why is Twitter in love with Kim Taehyung’s dog Yeontan?

Who doesn’t love dogs? They are the cutest and friendliest creatures ever. BTS member Taehyung’s dog has everyone on the internet going ‘aww’. We don’t blame them because once one sets eyes on Yeontan, it’s hard to not fall in love with this furball!  Do you want to see the adorable Yeontan and why he has the internet in a frenzy? Scroll down to find out! 

  • Kim Taehyung, aka V, is the best vocalist of the seven-member K-pop group BTS
  • His dog named Kim Yeontan is an adopted Pomeranian who also goes by the nickname Tannie
  • 'Blue & Grey’, being sung by V in the video Yeontan made an appearance in, is a BTS song self-produced and self-written by V.
Yeontan. Source: Dispatch x Vlive

For those of you who have never seen Yeontan before, here is a picture of him! He is adorable, isn’t he? 

Yeontan was seen in a clip released by BTS’ official social media accounts called ‘V’s Notes’ on Thursday, February 4th, 2021. All of the BTS members are releasing such videos as part of promotional activities for their upcoming album, BE (Essential Edition)

Tannie’, Yeontan’s nickname took Twitter’s trends by storm after the release.

It was because BTS fans couldn’t stop gushing about him and Yeontan being seen together. To be honest, we couldn’t either! 

Aww, it looks like Taehyung drew Yeontan here. How cute! The two seem to share a great bond and we would be lying if we said it didn’t make us a little jealous. 

Let’s also not forget to appreciate Taehyung’s deep-toned vocals singing BTS’ song ‘Blue & Grey’ in acapella in the background of the video! Taehyung’s voice, the colors of the video, and Yeontan, all have us feeling warm inside. If you want to know more about BTS' song Blue & Grey, click here

Yeontan and V

What do you think of this cutie aka Yeontan? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, click on the video below to see BTS being Yeontan’s biggest fans! 

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