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Why is Suga leaving BTS?

Yes, ARMYs you heard that right! The question of Suga quitting the band still hangs in the air. But if you're looking for the correct answer, you've come to the right place! Scroll down to find out if Min Yoongi is actually leaving the band!

  • Suga has been a part of BTS for ten years, which has earned him a net worth of $20 million.
  • Agust D is known for his street-style fashion and amazing hair colors. 
  • Alongside his music career, he's the brand ambassador of the sportswear manufacturer, Fila.

1) Yoongi never wanted to be a K-pop star!

BTS' Suga posing in black!

Suga's shy personality has made him question staying in the spotlight a lot. The talented rapper even joked about Big Hit Entertainment 'tricking him' into joining BTS. He wanted to be more in the background as a producer or a writer and not on stage.  

2) The K-pop star's grown passion for the band

BTS' Suga performing live!

He soon made peace with getting so much attention, and now he really enjoys it. Being an artist has increased his chances of trying new things. He now produces and writes songs like, Interlude and Intro, and even gets to perform on the magical words he creates. 

3) Fans' side

Suga surrounded by fans!

We think that he gets a little overwhelmed with the fan crowds and all the people screaming his name. All in all, he has made his peace with it and isn't going anywhere. Being the best rapper and the best person, he would never leave the band without a reason. 

People also became suspicious after his severe shoulder injury, which made him unable to perform. Some assumed his departure while others believed that he would return. Guess the second lot was right!

The BTS members recently renewed their contracts. So, we can't expect someone leaving the band anytime soon, especially Suga. We still have so much to see from Min Yoongi's extrovert side!

Check out Suga's live performance on BTS' hit song Dynamite below!



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