STRAY KIDS members STRAY KIDS members

Why is STRAY KIDS so popular? STAY reveal the things they love about the group

STRAY KIDS, the unstoppable K-Pop sensation, is conquering the world with its music. The fanatics are sharing their reason to love this group.

In the upcoming days, STRAY KIDS will be starting its tour "MANIAC" in North America. In just a few hours the tickets for all the concerts got sold out. The popularity of the groups is not a joke.

On the other hand, the Idols will be dropping its new Japanese album "CIRCUS" pretty soon. The pre-release song "Your Eyes" showed the sweetest side of the members and the fanatics are falling in love with these handsome artists again.

STRAY KIDS members / Twitter @skzlatamproject

There is o doubt that the singers of "God'd Menu" really know how to take care of the fans and the general public at the same time. Their agency itself is wondering why the fanatics love that much STRAY KIDS. Here is the answer.

STAY confess why they love that much STRAY KIDS

Recently, STRAY KIDS opened its first pop-up store in Seoul, Korea. It is a perfect place for the fanatics to buy adorable merchandise of the group. During the visit to the SKZOO store, various international fans were on a short interview to find out why the group is so special.

SKZOO pop-up store in Korea / Twitter @skzstaylatam

The fanatic answered honestly. The most popular reason to love STRAY KIDS is that its music is pretty unique and different from other groups. Is not a surprise to see that 'Handsome members is the second response most popular.

STAY also confess their affection for the fact that the members are fun and have bright minds. Also, the Idols themselves produce their music, which reveals their talents. The fanatic didn't forget to mention the charms of each member.

Finally, the fans love that the emotions of the Idols are in their lyrics. They share their sensibility and feeling through their music. They can create a whole atmosphere with their songs.

We know is not easy to say just one, but, what is the thing you love the most about STRAY KIDS?

The friendship among the members is quite important as well. Read in this article what Bang Chan and Felix have to say about their brotherhood.

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