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Why is RM nicknamed the 'god of destruction'?

Imagine destroying everything your hands touch. Can’t imagine it? Well, the BTS leader has this sad fate. The 6ft tall rapper is clumsy beyond imagination! The twenty-six- year old idol has broken more things than we can list here! Scroll below to learn exactly why the idol was given this name. 

  • The BTS leader is a 5 '11'' giant, the tallest in the team. 
  • With an IQ of 148, the rapper is a genius who has produced hit songs such as 'Fake Love' and 'Dynamite'.
  • RM spends most of his net worth (a jaw-dropping $20 million) on replacing the things he breaks; such as AirPods and phones. 
RM smiling at fans at award show

Fans across the world love the BTS leader. He is not only extremely intelligent but also very dependable. Both BTS and the fans can rely on the precious leader for anything! But the idol is a bit clumsy. 

Jin taking care of RM who breaks things

Fans lovingly joke that RM has too much power that he cannot control. He doesn't know how strong he really is and keeps breaking things. The rapper truly is adorable

RM working out

He often shares stories of how he broke sunglasses while wearing them, and even a ladder while climbing it. His title of ‘God of Destruction’ really fits him. 

RM breaking glasses

Although the handsome genius breaks things often, he makes up for it by creating the best music! What do you think about the idol’s cute nickname? Let us know in the comments below!

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