Why is Kim Taehyung aka V the most loved member of BTS?

A 24-year-old K-pop idol, with an angelic voice, who is a brilliant actor and also plays saxophone. How can someone resist falling in love with V? The 5’10” tall superstar has always stood out among his band mates, RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, and J-hope. If you’re not a ‘Tae stan’ yet, then brace yourself because you’re about to be! Watch the video below!

  • Kim Taehyung was born in Bisan-Dong, South Korea in 1995.
  • He is a vocalist of the most popular boy band in the world, BTS, and has a net worth of $20 million.
  • The K-pop sensation made his acting debut in 2016 with the hit K-drama, ‘Hwarang’.
  • V has a net worth of $20 million.

He is the '4D alien' of BTS

Kim Taehyung looking alluring on stage

BTS fans known as the 'Army' call Kim Taehyung the 4D alien of the group, and for a good reason. One look at his flawless face and you can tell that the man is out of this world. He is the definition of perfection with his striking features, intense eyes, perfectly carved jaw, charming smile, and muscular body. Well, he was given the title of the most handsome man on earth for a reason.

Who doesn’t adore a guy with an impeccable fashion sense?

V looking dapper in a fur coat
The ‘Gucci Boy’ has served his fans with some phenomenal looks over the years and stunned us with his impressive modeling skills. His style is casual yet chic. We wonder how he pulls off every outfit effortlessly, and manages to look good everytime. 

Do you know what is the best part of loving Taehyung?

V flashing his adorable boxy smile

You get two guys in one. The first guy is a fun-loving person, with a unique personality and is often seen goofing around with his fellows. He does silly things and often acts like a two-year-old stuck in a 24 years olds body.

King of Duality

The duality of Kim Taehyung

When he is on stage, he transforms from a cute fluff ball to an enticing man at the snap of a finger. With his deep voice, dapper looks and intense expressions, he has melted the hearts of his admirers. Which side of Kim Taehyung do you prefer?

V displaying his modeling skills

We love how drowning in fame and attention has not changed his personality. He is still the same as he was seven years ago, a precious boy with a pure heart, who is not afraid to express his emotions.

V has set really high standards for men, in terms of beauty, fashion and personality. How are women supposed to settle down with someone who is not Kim Taehyung?


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