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Why is Jungkook's sassy reply to a fan trending on Twitter?

BTS' fans are called Army. They live up to their name because they are the most united fandom out there. They can make anything trend in seconds. Even if it's something from years ago. Just the way they brought back their old album on charts. Army started trending a fan interaction that happened in 2016. Are you curious to find out what all the fuss is about? You will find the answer below!

  • BTS has contributed around 3.5 billion to the economy of South Korea, and they have also been awarded The Order of Cultural Merit.
  • With more than 30 million followers on Twitter, BTS stands as the most followed Korean act. 
  • BTS members have a net worth of $450 million, and all of them hold the top 7 spots of the most handsome faces of 2020.
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K-Pop idols like to keep it low when they step out in public. If they don't, they would probably block the traffic and make things worse with the ocean of fans they have. The same goes for BTS. You don't usually see them casually hanging out in public like the artists in the US. 

Jungkook with fans in Hongdae, 2016

The 23-year-old Jean Jungkook stepped out in public some years ago to explore Hongdae, a busy street in Seoul, South Korea. Fans were quick to spot him and take his pictures. Luckily, things did not fall out of control as BTS fans know how to respect their privacy.

Jungkook was seen roaming around the street and watched the busking. One fan spotted Jungkook but wasn't sure if it was actually him. So she walked up to him, tapped on his back, and asked, 'Are you Jeon Jungkook?' What do you think was his reply? Jungkook turned around with a smile and said, 'And if I am?'

Jungkook at a fan sign event

What were you expecting the Jeon Jungkook to say? Armys hearts are fluttering after revising this interaction from 2016. To add to this feeling, Army was reminded that Jungkook wore an all-black outfit. Some fans are even saying this interaction is reminding them of the bad-boy Jungkook from fan-fictions.

Army memes on 'And if I am?'

We can only imagine what Army must be going through. Army has been trending 'and if I am' to the extent that it has reached the third spot on worldwide trends. They made countless memes about this, and we cannot get enough of them.

Army taking about Jungkook in 2016

We can see the love and strength of the BTS Army. Let's hope Army can get to meet Jungkook and the rest of BTS soon. For now, enjoy Jungkook's voice in Euphoria!

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