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What makes Jisoo different from Jennie, Lisa and Rosé?

It's no secret that not every person is the same. However, Jisoo possesses a certain trait that sets her apart from the rest of the Blackpink members. Fans and variety shows are in awe of the girl's 4D personality! Read more below to discover Jisoo's adorable antics. 

  • Blackpink were named as the biggest Korean act in the world by Bloomberg in 2020. The group has a net worth of $35 million. 
  • Jisoo just reached 31.4 million followers on her popular Instagram account.
  • PUBG mobile game collaborated with Blackpink for game features and a song.
  • Korean netizens are very fond of Jisoo’s 4D personality.
Jisoo balancing a water bottle on her head

While every other K-pop idol is very conscious about their public image, Jisoo laughs it off! Yes, the carefree girl does whatever she wants. In a video, I saw Blackpink at an award show and Jisoo was balancing a water bottle on top of her head!

She was caught on camera and everyone at the venue was laughing. Doesn't she have quite the character? 

Jisoo messing with the statue

Jisoo is widely loved by the Korean audience who have given her the title '4D Chu'. This just means that she has a unique and interesting personality. In an episode of Weekly Idol, Jisoo said she can eat anything. After the hosts discussed different food items, she declined them all and said she only loves rice. Well, who doesn't love rice? 

The eldest member also loves imitating her friends. Jisoo loves teasing Jennie about her childhood video of cutting onions. I believe friendship is incomplete without banter. On a video call with fans, Jisoo imitated Red Velvet Seulgi's eye smile and then stated how they are fans of each other. I love their friendship! 

Jisoo and Jennie at a fansign

Jisoo's personality also differs because she is the only extrovert in her group! The rest of the Blackpink girls are introverts and have super-shy attitudes in reality programs. I think this explains their whole dynamic as a group. 

As an introvert, I like to watch Jisoo having fun and making sure the other girls are included too. I know how people with reserved personalities may feel hesitant at first. Extroverted friends are so important! Do you feel like you may have a 4D personality among your friends too? Let us know in the comments! 



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