Why is Jin the most confident member of the K-Pop band BTS?

Kim Seokjin, the oldest member of BTS, has the most attractive features. He is said to have a perfectly symmetrical face. He even holds the title of Worldwide Handsome. No, He owns that title! Jin has always been confident about himself, and here is the evidence. 

  • The 27-year-old member is the oldest among the 7 members of BTS. 
  • Jin was declared the world's most perfect male face. 
  • With a net worth of $20 million, Jin still cooks for his members and owns a restaurant. 
Jin for BE concept photo

Jin's beauty is remarkable. That is something Jin has been able to use to boost his confidence. Mentally the youngest member of BTS, Jin has had countless moments where he left people in shock with his self-confidence.

We couldn't stop laughing when he made fun of James Cordon for stealing his title.  BTS went on the famous Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon. During the car ride, Jin shamelessly brought up that he owns the title of Worldwide Handsome. We would have done that too! If we had the title.

Jin called James 'Joke Guy' for calling himself Worldwide Handsome. That's a subtle way to insult someone Jin. Obviously everyone laughed about it. 

Jin in Hanbok

During a Vlive, Jin revealed his morning routine. He said he looks at himself in the mirror and admires himself. Say, 'Wow I am so handsome. What am I going to do?' Of course, he laughed after saying that.  Army could not get over this moment. This man is the king of self-confidence.

Jin introducing himself with confetti

Jin threw confetti to introduce himself at an award show.  The co-hosts were surprised at his unique introduction. It was an iconic moment that only Jin could perform so well.

 Later on, when a fan shouted that he's the most handsome during the show. Confident Jin stopped in the middle of hosting to answer, 'I know I'm the most handsome.' Now that is plausible. 

Jin has the most loving relationship with himself. This inspires us to do the same for ourselves. He may be overconfident to others, but to the Army, he is preaching self-love. Check out his beautiful self-love song, Epiphany.  

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