BTS Jin being Worldwide handsome

Why is Jin from BTS called 'Worldwide Handsome'?

Young, handsome and rich? People say there is no such combination, but Kim Seokjin denies it! The 5'10" tall idol from BTS is a true definition of this, as he is worldwide famous for his breathtaking visuals. Along with an amazing vocal range, Jin touches the heart of the fans with his splendid looks as well. Do you want to see some of his worldwide handsome moments? Scroll down to take a look at them!  

  • Jin is the eldest member of BTS  at the age of 28.
  • The K-pop idol has a net worth of $20 million and is a Sagittarius according to the Zodiac.
  • Jin won the title of 'World's Most Perfect Male Face' in 2020.   

1) 'The Car Door Guy'

Jin coming out of the car

In 2015, BTS arrived at the Melon Music Awards and Jin started trending on social media. Okay so, what happened? As BTS arrived at the awards, Jin came out of the car first. His face shined so brightly that it cast a great impression on everyone. Hence, people started searching for this unknown 'Car Door guy' and this is how he trended. Well people really struggled to find his real name *chuckles*.


The funniest part is that even Urban Dictionary has this expression in it, and they call Seokjin the 'visual king'. Seems like Urban dictionary is also a Jin Stan!

2) 'Third guy from the left'

The third guy from the left!

Well, Jin has also created buzz in the US. Back in 2017, BTS went to the Billboard awards and the group posed for a photo at the Red Carpet. Just like before, the picture got viral as the locals started asking who the third guy from the left is. Well it was none other than Kim Seokjin!

BTS Jin posing for the camera

This incident became so popular that Jin was asked about it, and he replied in the most Kim Seokjin way,

I think I’m worldwide handsome.

Nobody can disagree to this, Jin!

3) Exposed Forehead

Jin's stunning visuals

Jin's visuals are the best when he makes his hair in a way that they expose his forehead. It gives a complete exposure to his handsome face and thus we can't stop appreciating his beautiful features.

BTS Jin looking ethereal

Well, there is a separate fan base for Jin's exposed forehead!

Which other moments do you think contributes to his title 'Worldwide Handsome' the most? Let us know in the comments down below and check out this video to clearly see his unmatched visuals!

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