Why is BTS Jimin spending his fortune on uniforms?

Why is Jimin from BTS spending his fortune on uniforms?

BTS members have always been quite wealthy, but during the pandemic their net worth jumped from $60 million to $100 million.  I’m sure you all must be wondering, how is the main vocalist of BTS spending all his money? We just got to know how Jimin spends his millions! Keep reading to find out why he's obsessed with uniforms!

  • BTS is a 7-member band formed by Big Hit Entertainment.
  • 25-year-old Jimin is part of the group's vocal line
  • Park Jimin was born in Korea on October 13, 1995.
  • The 5'8'' tall star has 15 tattoos, most of which are clearly visible on his arms.
Jimin of BTS, co-owner of BigHit

In October, the group’s agency went public, and CEO Bang Si-hyuk gifted the seven boys 1.4% of the company.  This is worth a whopping US$108 million - or  US$15.4 million per member after the IPO, according to Rolling Stone.

Rich and expensive Park Jimin

So you might be wondering, where is Jimin spending all of his newly attained wealth? Well he hasn’t earned the title of being an 'angel' falsely. The talented star has been donating most of his money!

Jimin holding small kid

When in 2017, the singer heard that Hoe dong Elementary School was going to close down, the superstar quickly opened his purse. He paid for the school uniforms of graduating students for two years in a row!

Jimin in school uniform

In April 2019, according to Soompi, Jimin made a large donation of US$88,000 to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education. The 25-year-old helped pay for lunches and other items for children from low-income families. 

It’s hard to believe how kind-hearted the BTS singer is!

Handsome Jimin smiling

Jimin was the top student in his old high school, Busan High School of Art. To the school he donated the heavy sum of US$26,000.

Not only is our favorite idol generous but also extremely intelligent! What a perfect man! We're definitely swooning!

Jimin smiling cutely, performing live

This February, he also had all the desks replaced at his old high school - for all 1,200 students. This certainly wasn’t a cheap endeavor. Our hearts feel warm knowing how generous the idol is!

Blonde Jimin smiling at fans

In these trying times, when people have only been focused on themselves, Jimin has proved how big his heart is! The teen idol’s donations have not only helped hundreds of children but also made the fans' heart flutter! 

What do you think about Jimin’s extraordinary generosity? Let us know in the comments down below! Watch the video below to make yourself fall even more in love with the kind-hearted singer!


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