Why is Hallyu star Rain shining in K-pop & K-dramas?

More than a decade before BTS broke all the records in the U.S. charts as kings of Hallyu (Korean Wave) a legendary K-pop star was already incredible popular, making history winning an MTV award for acting. Keep reading as we reveal the story of amazing singer, dancer & actor Ji Hoon aka Rain!

  • Jung Ji-hoon was born June 25, 1982, in South Korea. Better known by his stage name Rain, he is a multitalented star: singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, and music producer.
  • Rain's musical career achieved breakthrough success with his album “It’s Raining” in 2004, which sold a million copies in Asia, and established the singer as an international star.
  • His leading role in hit K-dramas gained him the status as a Hallyu star. Rain made his Hollywood debut in the film “Speed Racer” and in 2009 he starred in the movie “Ninja Assassin” which made him the first Korean actor to win an MTV award.
K-pop star singer Rain in epic live performance.

Singer Jung Ji-hoon, better known by the stage name Rain personifies the show business entertainment label of being a “triple threat,” singer-dancer-actor.

He toured the world as a K-pop star several times, appeared in various popular movies and his fans love him for his lead roles in romantic comedies and action TV dramas.

Rain staring in the movie blockbuster Ninja Assassin.

Don't miss Rain's top best K-dramas:

1) “Sang Doo”, (Let's Go to School)

Rain’s breakthrough was in “Sang Doo”, (Let's Go to School), one of his first K- dramas. Actress Gong Hyo Jin co-starred, and the sparks fly off the screen in this emotional story about long-lost childhood love.

Super handsome singer-actor Rain is incredibly talented!

2) “The Fugitive: Plan B”

We also recommend “The Fugitive: Plan B” a drama that tells about a global hunt for of a huge amount of money that disappeared decades ago during the Korean War.

K-drama hit "Full House" catapulted Rain to stardom

3) “Full House”

Romantic comedy “Full House” was a huge hit on Netflix that catapulted Rain into international stardom.

Rain plays an awesome role in "Welcome 2 Life"

4) “Welcome 2 Life”

Our favorite is his extraordinary performance in recent K-drama “Welcome 2 Life”. Rain plays a lawyer who twists the system to help his corrupt wealthy clients.

5)A Love to Kill

The drama follows the King of K-pop Rain who plays a fighter and falls in love with the woman he should be, because she is in coma and is a terribly tragic love. 

His sensational acting is going to blow you away!

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