Jisoo and V from Blackpink and BTS

Blackpink's Jisoo and BTS' V, lovebirds or just friends?

Are sparks flying between Jisoo and V? They are the members of the world's biggest K-pop bands, Blackpink and BTS. Could the love sparks between them lead to destruction of Jisoo’s hard-earned music career? Given all their interactions, we can only hope for the best! Read below to find out all the details!

  • The 5'5''  tall Jisoo looks picture perfect with V, who has an impressive height of at an amazing height of 5'10'.
  • Both of them are 25 years old.
  • Jisoo and V are known worldwide for their chart-topping songs. Their successful careers have earned them a net worth of $9 million and $20 million respectively.
Jisoo and V

In the K-pop world, dating scandals put idols in a negative spotlight. Still, there are some celebrities who date in secret. Though one can never be too careful, fans are always there to keep a close eye.

Fans have gathered evidence over the years that points to their relationship. We know these K-pop idols only meet at year-end award shows. Other than amazing performances there is also heavy monitoring on who interacts with different groups. 

Jisoo and V

V has always been a huge fan of Blackpink's music. There are so many clippings of him dancing to their hits 'Boombayah' and 'Playing With Fire'. Could he just be enjoying the song or is he Jisoo's boyfriend? It only makes you wonder more!  

Jisoo and V hosting together

The reason why a lot of people think it's Jisoo is because V and Jisoo were born in the same year. It is a common concept of being close to people your age. The duo also hosted a show together. That day Jisoo helped Taehyung with his script and Armys (fans of BTS) cheered Jisoo on too.

Jisoo and V

A prophecy goes around that idols with matching items known as 'couple items' are most likely to be dating. Now, there has been a lot of information gathered of Jisoo and V wearing the same accessories and clothes.

It goes without saying that careers of women face more backlash than men. Do you think it is something which Jisoo would risk her career for? Do you think it would be wise of her to take this path? Comment your views! 


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