Why is BLACKPINK called like that? Get to know the origin of the group's name

What is the origin of BLACKPINK's name? This is the reason why the girl group is called this way

Do you know the meaning of BLACKPINK? Here we tell you the reason why the idol group decided to use this name for their group.

BLACKPINK is a group from YG Entertainment, a K-Pop agency that has released many other groups, solo artists, and even duos. But BP has been a success for your company, as these four idols that make it up have had a great impact on the entire music industry.

In any part of the planet we can find BLACKPINK fans who never hesitate to show their love and support for these idols, they always shine with all their talents and great skills both in the studio and on stage. And they have also done it as soloists, revealing more of their essence and personal abilities.

Today everyone knows the name of BLACKPINK, relates it to the talented artists that make it up, with K-Pop, with Korea and with many more aspects that surround this idol group. Without a doubt, no one imagines the concept of 'BLACKPINK' in any other place or category anymore.

But why did the girl group choose that name? This is the reason why BLACKPINK is called like that, the origin of this name.

What is the origin of BLACKPINK's name? This is the reason why the group is called like that

BLACKPINK decided to use this name as it is made up of two contrasting colors that often represent different things. Black could relate to rough and dark things. While pink always reminds us of beauty and many times it was even handled as something 'feminine'. But this name is used precisely to abolish the perception of this color and to show that not everything in life is beauty.

It is a deep concept and far from superficiality, showing that these idols are just as beautiful as they are talented and that you can have a balance between the most beautiful and the truest of being, what is inside.

The origin of BLACKPINK's name | Twitter: @wh0reofpinks

Now you know, BLACKPINK represents what idols want to show the world: beauty and great talent. Definitely something that has made them stand out in the international music industry.

BLACKPINK had other options for its name

Before choosing 'BLACKPINK' as their official name, the K-Pop group had other options to call themselves. Maybe they chose the best, what do you think of these other ideas that YG Entertainment had in mind for this girl group?

BLACKPINK had other options for its name | Twitter: @roses_are_rosi

Now you know more about BLACKPINK and its origins, would you have liked the group to have had a different name? This was definitely its best option. 

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, here we tell you more about the place where the idols of the group live.

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