RM and Jimin taking a selfie RM and Jimin taking a selfie

The story of why Jimin doesn't trust RM

We all know the BTS members have many talents, but only in certain areas, and sports is not one of them. Despite RM's athletic body, his basketballs skills are rather lacking, and Jimin has a lot to say about it. Read more below!

  • The group was invited to KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Kim Seong Joo's Gayo Plaza' in 2015.
  • In the 2015 BTS episode, the host was surprised with RM's basketball skill.

Who is the worst basketball player in BTS?

Suga revealed the truth:

'We played basketball together a few times. The truth is, RM is really bad.'

RM's body

RM and his hot bod! Source: HoneyJoonie94

The host, Kim Song Joo commented on RM's tall height and lean physique saying

'You're good at sports, right?'

There's no denying that the leader has always had the perfect athletic body. With his muscular thighs, toned biceps, and 5'11'' height, everyone would think he is awesome at sports. 

His history with basketball

Suga playing basketball. Source: Suga Crush

Jimin shared an incident during their pre-debut days regarding RM's sportsmanship. The rapper told Jimin that he used to play basketball in school, which made Jimin think that he was good, but surprisingly, it wasn't true!

RM and J-Hope. Source: Athenaa

He told me he played a lot, so I trusted him and chose to be with my team. From that moment on, I told myself I would never trust RM ever again! 

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Check out how they play in the following video:

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