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Why does the BTS singer, V have so many nicknames?

Kim Taehyung, also known as V, is part of the world-famous boy band BTS. The 25-year-old idol is adored by millions of the Army. As you know, when we adore someone it's a must to call that person by all the cute nicknames we can think of. Yes, the same is the case here. Also, what we can do? Taehyung can be as cute as a baby bear but can totally blow our minds away with his aura as well. Hence, the Army cannot stop giving him multiple nicknames. So, let's see by which nicknames BTS V is being called!    

  • BTS V's zodiac sign is Capricorn as his birthday comes on 30th December.
  • The 5'10" tall idol has a net worth of $20 million.
  • Taehyung is strongly supported by his family and has two younger siblings, a sister, and a brother.
  • The K-pop star loves to play with animals and has a cute pet dog Yeontan.

Since debut Taehyung has been getting people's attention due to his 4D charms. At this, Armys feel helpless to not call him by the cute nicknames. *Chuckles*. So we have jotted down the reasons for each of his nicknames.

1- Taetae:

V being cute

As we know that V's real name is Kim Taehyung. So this nickname comes from his real name.

BTS V at a fansign

It sounds so cute, right? Yeah, the members and Army call him by the name of Taetae because he is just so cute, and we cannot stop gushing over his adorable acts. LOL!


BTS V with a blank expression

Mong-Tae means 'Blank Tae'. This nickname is given to V by the members. It is because he often has blank expressions.

BTS V posing for the camera at airport

Do you think you can read people's faces? No, you can't always read Taehyung's expressions. Because sometimes, he literally goes so blank and expressionless that we fail to understand what is going on in his mind. But we find it cute, uwu.


BTS V as highschool anime

Fans crowned Taehyung with the nickname CGV (Computer Generated V) because he is so handsome that in some of his pictures he looks almost unreal.

BTS V looking like an anime

Anyone can say that he is not a real human but a computer-generated graphic. Yes, our Taetae is that good-looking. His sharp features, high nose, and mono-double eyelids make him look like a real-life anime.

BTS V performing DNA

Don't you agree with us?


V as Vante

Well, Taehyung is an art-lover. He has shown it on multiple occasions. Be it fashion designing, painting, photography, or any other art form, Tae is an amazing artist.


Being inspired by his favorite photographer Ante Badzim, he has introduced this persona to us. He has stunned the Army with his great photography, paintings, and jacket designs. We simply love them!

Let us know by which nickname you call Taehyung in the comments down below. Also, check out this video to see amazing looks of BTS V!

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