Why BTS fans nicknamed the singer V 'CGV'?

Kim Taehyung, also known by the stage name V, is the second-youngest member of the boy band BTS. The 25-year-old K-star is known by multiple names among the Army. From being called with the names of Taetae, Baby Bear and Winter Bear for being effortlessly cute to being referred as the 'King of duality' due to his remarkable aura. The 5'10" tall idol is also the in-charge of serving breathtaking visuals. But do you know that Taehyung has another nickname as well? Yes CGV. But why is he called CGV? Scroll down to find out!  

  • BTS V's birthday comes on 30th December so, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • The K-idol has a supportive family and his net worth is $20 million.
  • Taehyung has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother.
  • The K-star is famous for his cute and soft image among the Army.
BTS V smiling

Since debut, Taehyung has hooked people's attention due to his charming visuals. The member J-Hope says that V has a 4D charm. Yes, we agree. His visual flashes out so brightly.

But in some pictures, V looks so freaking handsome that he does not even look real. He looks like coming straight out of an anime generated with Computer graphics!

BTS V posing for the camera with sophistication

This is why the fans have given him the nickname of CGV. So Army, let's look at some of his pictures which became the reason for this nickname. 

1- Flashy silver shirt: 

BTS V performing on stage

We can for sure agree that no one can do better justice to flashy shirts than V. The shirt is amazingly complementing with his dull brown hair as his visuals shines the brightest in the picture looking almost unreal.

His barely open eyes  makes him look like a software generated model. But lol, he is not.

2-High school anime boy:

BTS V in pant coat

V rocked the traditional pant coat look with a twist. The sun kissed picture shows his sharp features and high nose as he is holding his tie in a stylish way. We blinked our eyes in awe as we thought this must be a digital painting. But nope, this is the real Kim Taehyung.

3- Colored shiny jacket:

BTS V performing DNA

We literally doubted our eyes while looking at V in this attire. The colorful shiny patches of his jacket paired with a long sleek earring just makes the whole look perfect.

Army, do you remember doubting your eyes when you looked at Tae in the jacket? Well, we clearly do. 

4-The cute irritation pose:

BTS V at an award show

Taehyung knows that he is the number one handsome as he looks effortlessly cute for acting a little dramatic. But more than that, it looks as this guy has jumped out of a live action anime movie. Wow! He is so fine and handsome.

Army, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below. And check out this video to see some of his cute moments with Army!

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