Did you know that SEVENTEEN has three leaders? Did you know that SEVENTEEN has three leaders?

Why does SEVENTEEN have 3 leaders? This is how they work as a team

Did you know that SEVENTEEN has 3 leaders? Get to know everything about them and why the group needs this trio

SEVENTEEN has a total of 13 members, and it's always needed to arrange everything, so the idol group can work as perfectly as it does, is this the reason for the boy band to have three leaders?

13 members are parto of SEVENTEEN, one of the most popular K-Pop groups, the talents of its idols have caught all of the attetion of the world and there are a lot of fans that show their love, respect and support for this boy band in every comeback, show and project.

Every SVT's member is specialized in something different, that's why the group is divided in three subunits, they have its Vocal Team with the experts in singing, Hip-Hop team has the best rappers and Performance Team is full of amazing dancers who shine bright on stage.

However, SEVENTEEN idols are not only good at their specialities, since all of them have shown that own the power to sing perfectly and everytime they perform, the sync and coreography is always on point; SVT's performances are something out of this world.

And, as you might know, every K-Pop band needs a leader who tends to face a lot of responsabilities, he would be the one to keep in contact with the group's agency, take the best decisions for all of the members and lead the idol group in the best way, but SEVENTEEN has three leaders, do you want to know why?

SEVENTEEN needs three leaders for its great teamwork

Even if S.Coups is the general leader of SEVENTEEN, he also leads the Hip-Hop Team and since SVT has 3 subunits, they need a leader for each one of them; so, Woozi is the leader of Vocal Team and Hoshi leads Performance Team.

And that's how SEVENTEEN gets to organize its teamwork, and the subunits also get to release their own songs, mixtapes and performances thanks to their planning, leaders and subdivisions.

S.Coups, Hoshi and Woozi are the three leaders of SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @starfess

Now you know how SEVENTEEN works and makes its best effort to bring amazing songs and performances as a group and with its subunits.

Why are S.Coups, Hoshi and Woozi the leaders of SEVENTEEN?

S.Coups is the leader of SEVENTEEN since Pledis Entertainment's CEO selected him for this position, even if he wouldn't think he'd be a good leader, he took the position, maybe he has this role since he's the eldest member in the group.

For Woozi and Hoshi, even if they're not the eldest in their respective subunits, maybe they were selected since are really experts on their specialities. Woozi not only sings amazingly, he also writes, composes and produces since the very beginning of SEVENTEEN and he had a training period of 5 years; Hoshi was trainee for only 4 years, but he's really good and creative when he dances.

Best SEVENTEEN leaders | Twitter: @Starrysvt

Maybe, Pledis trusted these three guys since they were with the agency for more time, and also because of their amazing talents, passion and dedication to music.

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