Blackpink's Jisoo looks stunning with her purple hair at a fansign Blackpink's Jisoo looks stunning with her purple hair at a fansign

What is Blackpink Jisoo's favorite hair color?

You know all about how Jisoo is a member of the world’s biggest group Blackpink. She is more than what meets the eye. Apart from the hype from all the concerts and attention from fashion icons, Jisoo is a very reserved individual. Read more below to discover why she likes the colour purple so much!

  • Jisoo’s net worth is around $8 million respectively.
  • She has a white Maltese pet dog named 'Dalgom'.
  • In her spare time, she likes to take selfies for her Instagram account which recently reached 31.4 million followers.
  • Her favorite food is kimchi fried rice made by her band member Jennie.
Jisoo looks gorgeous at a fansign

Kim Jisoo is known to be very intelligent by her co-workers. According to their producer Teddy Park, Jisoo is not only book smart, but she's also very street smart. When asked what her favorite color was by fans Jisoo took a witty approach and answered 'Of course, it's black and pink!'. Then she moved on to reveal that her favorite color was actually purple.

Jisoo on her way to a music show

The singer also confessed that she grew to like the color after she dyed her hair purple! Before that she enjoyed all kinds of colors, mostly blue. It's cool to see how her preferences shifted. Don't you think? 

Jisoo's purple hair that went viral

During the release of Blackpink's hit single As If It's Your Last, Jisoo's purple hair took the internet by storm. Everyone wanted to dye their hair in hopes of pulling it off just as well as her. There were also many photo shoots during the era so Jisoo enjoyed quite the hype. There is also a special term and fans call her 'Purple-Soo'!

Coincidentally, my favorite color is purple too! It's fun to discover something in common with your K-pop girl, right? Let us know if you like purple as much as Jisoo and I do in the comments below!

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