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Why does BTS' Suga compare himself to a cat? The rapper confirms his spiritual animal

Have you seen pictures of BTS' Suga comparing the Idol to a kitty? The rapper himself has confirmed he identifies with cats.

ARMY loves to see the different and opposite side of the members of BTS. All of them have a powerful stage presence that can be seen with their fierce songs such as "Fire", "Not Today" or "Mic Drop".

Nevertheless, off stage these superstars are always revealing their inner child while playing around. They are not afraid to show their softest character to the fanatic.

That's why since Bangtan rookie days most of them received cute animal emojis to identify their personalities. Maybe the most controversial one is Suga's spiritual animal. Even though he is one of the fiercest rappers in Korea, the Idol is confirmed to have the personality of a cute cat.

Suga from BTS / By @agustd_sugamyg

Suga himself accepts that is similar to the character of a kitty

Everytime ARMY or BTS members mention that Suga is like a cat, the Idol tends to act shy. He usually just moves on without paying too much attention to the words. However, finally he is accepting his alter ego as a kitty.

ARMY's post / By @miiniyoongs

On April 11 a fan sent a playful message for Suga via Weverse. The user posted a picture of a pair of cops with a cat. It includes the phrase: "I will sue Min Yoongi for stealing my heart". The response of the Idols made the whole fandom crazy.

Let's talk after letting me go.

Suga on Weverse / By @miiniyoongs

Apparently he also notices that he acts like a cat. It's not a secret that he loves kitties. During a 'Run BTS' episode the members had a time to relax with a hotel staycation. Immediately the rapper decided to spend the whole day watching cat videos.

RM's post on Instagram / By @dSUGA_1993

No matter if Suga accepted his cat title recently, from a long time in the eyes of ARMY and BTS he always has been a kitty. Back in December, 2021 RM posted a photo on Instagram of him taking a picture of a cat. He tagged Suga in the image.

J-Hope thinks Suga is really cute as well. Read here what he said about the personalities of BTS' members.

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